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The 10 best college football stadiums that could be used as World Cup venues

Apparently holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar isn't looking like the best idea. Shocker because it looked like such a slam dunk. Say the 2022 World Cup is moved to the United States, wouldn't it be fun to try and combine the World Cup and college football the best we can?

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With Sunday's news that the vice president of FIFA would support a revote, we imagine what the 2022 World Cup would be like if we used some of the greatest venues in college football. There are many sites that would be great to host a competition that the world looks forward to every four years, but we tried to find the 10 best college football stadiums that could be used in the month-long competition.

1) Ohio Stadium

When the United States took on Mexico in a World Cup qualifier at Crew Stadium in September 2013 the attendance was announced at 24,584. Now that small a venue isn't gonna fly for the World Cup, there is a solution just a couple miles away in Columbus. While the scenes and sounds during Saturdays in the fall at The Horseshoe are some of the best in college football, just imagine the USMNT playing a group stage game, or even a knockout stage game in the home of the Buckeyes. Seeing the crowd decked out in scarlet and gray is one thing the only thing that I think that could top it is seeing 100,000+ of your closest friends clad in red, white, and blue. Only one request: No "Seven Nation Army".

2) Rose Bowl

The last time that the World Cup was inside the United States back in 1994 the Rose Bowl topped all of the venues used by hosting eight games, including a semifinal and the final. It seems like every year when the Rose Bowl is played on New Years Day we are in awe of the scenes that we are given, and it would great to see day turn into night with one of the greatest competitions in the world being contested on the pitch. Now the only thing that would be missing from it would be Ian Darke playing the role of Keith Jackson.

3) Michigan Stadium

While it pains me to put anything Michigan on this list, especially having the Big House this high, it can't be any worse than the 1994 World Cup where one of the venues was the Pontiac Silverdome. Playing soccer in a dome is stupid, so why not move it down the road a little bit. Plus can you imagine actually hearing some noise coming out of Michigan Stadium aside from the jingling of keys?

4) Autzen Stadium

The Pacific Northwest is a soccer hotbed and if you need any evidence of that take a look at some of the matchups between the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers. I have no doubts that fans of those squads along with many others would make the trek down I-5 to take in a few World Cup matchups. My only demand would be that Timber Joey be at every game because the only thing that could make the World Cup any better is to add some chainsaw.

5) Neyland Stadium

The state of Tennessee has only hosted three USMNT games, with the last being in 2011, but the inclusion of Neyland Stadium makes sense. With cities such as Charlotte and Atlanta less than a four-hour drive from Knoxville it shouldn't be too hard to fill the home of the Vols. Just so long as we can ban "Rocky Top" from being played during any World Cup matches.

6) Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium is expanding to approximately 100,000 seats, and some of the sweltering summer weather could be play a factor in any matchup that would be played here. Don't lie, you want to see Les Miles chewing on some of the grass at Tiger Stadium while trying to lead the USMNT to victory.

7) Camp Randall Stadium

There are numerous stadiums in the south that would be great fits for the World Cup, but we have to spread the wealth a little bit. Using Madison and Camp Randall Stadium would be a great venue as it would bring the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, as well as a number of other midwestern cities. The only thing left to be decided would be when during the matchup to play "Jump Around".

8) Beaver Stadium

I was a little hesitant to put Happy Valley on this list mainly because it can be a little tough to get in/out of State College on gamedays, but really it is the best option in the northeastern part of the country. We're not going to Boston College, Rutgers, or Temple so this will have to do. Any wait would be worth it by some of the beautiful scenery that would come out of having some matches played there.

9) Bryant-Denny Stadium

Pretty sure the internet would have a stroke if the home of the Crimson Tide wasn't included. There have been numerous huge college football games played in Tuscaloosa over the last decade so it only makes sense to hold a few matches here. Plus I'm sure the competitors would get a kick at the waterfall that is in one of the locker rooms.

10) Milan Puskar Stadium

I know, I know, you must be thinking "But I don't wanna go to West Virginia", but soccer fans love burning things. It only makes sense to include what has to be the couch burning capital of the world.

While we could only choose 10 sites for the purpose of this list, there are a number of great venues that were omitted. Let us know what you think. Any sites that should have been on the list? Stadiums that were too high/too low. Be sure to leave any thoughts in the comments section.