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Dan Le Batard post-LeBron to Cleveland Miami sports talk radio open thread

Let's get ready for lulz

If you aren't a Cavs fan, that's completely okay. It's a landmark day in the NBA (and in Cleveland, obviously), but what goes down for the next few hours is sure to be amusing to non-Cleveland partisans and loyalists alike.

In case you missed the Twitter feed of Dan Le Batard, host of ESPN's High Questionable, for better part of the last week, it was mostly him touting his insight from internal Miami Heat sources that they were extremely confident LeBron was coming up. And after he faced the wrath of #CavsTwitter, well, he behaved like any rational actor would: he went knives out. And torch everybody. Even Buckeye Sports Bulletin's Ben Axelrod and former Buckeye Dustin Fox, two true believers all along, were in the crosshairs ... and then today happened.

While it probably won't be much in the area of crow eating (Dan's actually a solid reporter and while a healthy antagonist to tough to stomach social media types types, generally a good dude), it will certainly be amusing as can be to hear Miami fans meltdown live on air. Let this be catharsis for four years ago (and a fun cap on today's happenings).

You can listen live here. The festivities should start around 4 p.m. ET.

Cleveland is the city.