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Jay Crawford's LeBron essay's the perfect Cleveland sports experience

The very best thing you'll watch about LeBron's homecoming in context of the entire Cleveland sports fan experience is this Jay Crawford video essay.

If you somehow aren't familiar with Jay Crawford, he was the long time host of ESPN's First Take (and its predecessor 1st and 10 as well as Cold Pizza). Well before that, he was on our very own WBNS10TV for a half decade in the 90s as well on air in a few other markets before ultimately landing at TWWL.

Most importantly, he's one of us. He's a Buckeye. He has a degree from BGSU, and he hails from Sandusky. It doesn't get much more Ohioan than that. Like many of us, he's a long suffering Cleveland sports fan. But today is our Independence Day.

Like only Jay can, in this video essay, he summarizes the entirety of the Cleveland sports fan experience. Every let down, every heartbreak. And now he looks at the bright future. Johnny Football. King James. It's all happening.

Beyond being an excellent anchor on SportsCenter, Jay's also a generally all around good dude. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @jaycrawfordespn.