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Easy Call: 2014 Big Ten football preview (with fried chicken!)

Dan Rubenstein, Bill Connelly, and Jason Kirk preview the midwest's biggest stories and finest risers, fallers... all while eating delicious fried chicken sandwiches.

We're just 46 days from college football being back in our lives and everything being right in the universe once again.

Accordingly, it's time to get down to brass tacks and talk about how the 2014 Big Ten race is going to play out. Who are the favorites to win the league? Is there anyone outside the so-called "ruling class" of the upper echelon of contenders who might just sneak in? Which team is the most likely to make the biggest leap next season? And of course, who's most likely to fail to live up to their 2013 showings?

In order to figure this all out (as well as to eat some of the best southern food New York City has to offer), SB Nation's esteemed Dan Rubenstein, Jason Kirk, and Bill Connelly, author of the definitive 2014 Ohio State season preview, guide us through who they're liking, and just as importantly, who they're punting (Big Ten joke) on for this coming fall.

Stay B1G, my friends.