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Go to the 50 yard line at the 'Shoe w/ this Ohio Stadium panorama

This will blow your mind.

Are you a Buckeye ex-patriot who doesn't get back to the holy land near enough? Recently graduate and feeling a bit homesick for all your famous stomping grounds?

This incredible, digital walking tour of some of The Ohio State University's most prominent and best sights is just the thing for you. From Mirror Lake to the Thompson Library to the Wexner Center and a number of the most memorable on campus halls even to the fifty yard line of Ohio Stadium and center court at Value City Arena, these tours will make you feel like you're right back in Columbus where you belong.

Next time you're nostalgic for Kennedy Commons brunch on a Sunday morning, fire up some eggs and pancakes, and open this bad boy to feel like you're there all over again.

(H/T @JeffSvoboda)