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Friday Nights Lights 2014: Tyler Green arrives early, takes in new locker room

OSU commit Tyler Green and his DeMatha Catholic teammate Darryl 'DJ' Turner arrived early in Columbus Friday and got to take in the scene. See the results of some of their afternoon.

Ohio State commit Tyler Green's been a godsend for a budding recruiting class that can use every positive recruiter it can possibly get.

In addition to selling the program just about everywhere he goes (including last month's The Opening 2014, where he and fellow "Elite '15" classmates Justin Hilliard and Jashon Cornell went to town pitching everyone they could on the advantages of becoming a Buckeye), Green's positivity beams to just about anyone who gets the chance to speak to him.

After getting to Columbus earlier than Friday evening's Friday Night Lights festivities, Green (and fellow DeMatha Catholic teammate 2016 Darryl Turner) checked out the scene, specifically the new locker rooms. The result of their tour is as follows: