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Joshua Alabi talks about his commitment to Ohio State

Cass Tech lineman Joshua Alabi talks about his commitment to Ohio State.


There were a couple of players on commitment watching heading into last night's Friday Night Lights camp, but Detroit (MI) Cass Tech offensive guard/defensive end Joshua Alabi certainly wasn't one of them.

The Cass Tech standout has been to Columbus multiple times, but the Buckeyes were never thought to be a top contender to land a commitment from him. However, he shocked the recruiting world and decided he wanted to be a Buckeye when he arrived on campus early Friday.

"When I got down here I looked at the campus, it felt like a family," Alabi said. "I talked to the coaches, prayed on it, and it just felt like the right decision."

Alabi's former teammate, Ohio State freshmen Damon Webb, was present when he gave the coaching staff the good news.

"I came up to him (Urban Meyer) with Damon Webb and told him I wanted to commit," he stated. "(Damon was like) 'go do it, go do it man' and when I committed, he was really happy for me and told me I would have a fun time playing here."

It's still unknown whether he'll play on the offensive line or defensive line when he arrives in Columbus next summer.

"I did offensive line and defensive line at the camp," he continued. "When I get here [for college], I'll need to determine which position I'll play."

Alabi is already planning on recruiting his Cass Tech teammates to play alongside him and Webb at Ohio State.

"Of course," he said. "I'm going to try and get Mike Weber to play here, defensive back Levert Hill, wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones, and my other teammates."

He's most looking forward to learning from Ohio State's coaching staff.

"I'm looking forward to having a good coaching staff that will make me a better player and help get me to the next level," Alabi said when asked what he was most looking forward to at OSU.

Ohio State cornerbacks coach/special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs, who is the Michigan area recruiter, was very pleased that Alabi committed.

"When I told him, he was happy for me and was happy I was a Buckeye," Alabi said. "He just wants to get me on campus more."

Playing at Cass Tech has really benefited the standout lineman. While the school has sent many players to Michigan, the decision Alabi made wasn't too difficult.

"It's a great thing, because the coaches are pretty tough on us. They coach us up and tell me if I want to be the best, I can be the best as long as I put the work in," he explained. "They took me around the country and tonight it felt like the right decision. I made it, and it feels good."