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Big Ten Media Days 2014: Business as usual for Urban Meyer at Ohio State under Michael Drake

Ohio State may have new leadership at the very top, but Urban Meyer's focus is still in the same place.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Few new-ish major university presidents find themselves stepping into the sort of situation that Ohio State president Michael Drake does in Columbus.

While Drake's focus will be on fundraising, using his expertise and background in running a world class medical establishment to continue the university's James Cancer Hospital's precipitous rise, and navigating a unique place in time for large, world class research institutions of OSU's ilk, there's no denying major athletics (specifically the football program)'s place in the university ecosystem.

In Drake's case, delegating many of those duties to the newly minted associate vice president of the university and athletic director Gene Smith, will help make the transition and on-the-job learning that much easier. But what about the university's highest paid employee?

"We spoke briefly on several occasions. I invited President Drake to come visit with our team. I looked into his background and have had many conversations with other members of our university," Meyer said.

It's no wonder that Meyer's focus is somewhat singular. Given the rigors, demands, and general nature of his chosen vocation, playing politics, while necessary, falls somewhere down the pecking order after fixing the secondary and determining what the depth chart looks like for the linebackers and offensive linemen.

"It really doesn't impact how I do my job. I don't think, just as long as you take care of business. I really look forward to spending time with him."

Though who his boss reports to may have changed, the task remains the same for the Ohio State football headmaster. And with plenty on Michael Drake's respective plate, particularly after making headlines a week prior in the wake of letting go a popular director of one of the school's most notorious cultural mainstays, though they may cross paths at certain black tie affairs, staying in their own respective lanes surely won't bother either.