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Big Ten Media Days 2014: Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald filibusters, spared union discussion

Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald started Big Ten Media Days off – and managed to avoid saying much.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

If you're headed into a large media event, and you have a topic that you may not want to talk about, a great way to avoid it is to give long, coach speak-like answers, and hope to run out the clock. Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald executed that plan perfectly, largely dodging any discussion on unionization, while speaking at length about the academic prowess of his athletes, his QB situation – and not a ton else.

Fitzgerald opened with a statement that lauded the stability of his program with their coaching staff, keeping not just their coordinators together, but their entire staff, for the last four seasons:

He also mentioned that Northwestern isn't a big "preseason hype" kind of place, which, well ... :

The coach spoke at length of the leadership development of QB Trevor Siemian, who will likely be the sole option at QB this year, rather than the duo that the Wildcats had been using the for the last few seasons.

Finally, with the shot clock winding down...somebody finally asked about the elephant in the room, unions. How did that impact his team?

The answer?

Well, there you go.