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Big Ten Media Days 2014: Bo Pelini's Nebraska, his cat, and coach speak

There were cat jokes, of course, but there was also a confident, relaxed Bo Pelini.


Though the internet at large eagerly anticipated more Nebraska spring game-esque cat antics, instead, they were greeted by a confident coach who seemed to know his place in the crosshairs and be at least somewhat comfortable with it.

"My cat is enjoying a nap up in his room. He's enjoying the Windy City," Bo joked when predictably pressed on this past spring's first real case of his letting his guard down.

Of course, some of the reasons necessitating that kind of PR about face was the result of his infamous temper. Pelini's image as a hot head was doing he (and the school) no real favors, but he understands that.

"As I grow as a coach, I understand that's an area I need to grow in," he said.

Pelini's ability to control his temper and show a little personality too will help, but probably not enough to impact or determine whether Nebraska can get beyond their annual four-loss seeming stasis.

The Nebraska coach added that Tommy Armstrong, who led the Huskers to a bowl win over Georgia, is the front runner in the quarterback battle, but the competition remains open.

Nebraska's off the field happenings will help better sell the program, but they'll still need marquee wins this season and show momentum and perhaps keep Pelini from the chopping blocks.

But with much of the focus on Wisconsin in the west, maybe this is the year Pelini and co. can return to the Big Ten title game.