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Big Ten Media Days 2014: Randy Edsall, Maryland ready for a new chapter

Maryland's Randy Edsall didn't wow, but was just good enough at Big Ten Media Days. The Terrapins will need to be even better to redrum up momentum heading into a difficult new challenge.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Edsall was the same Randy Edsall anyone who covered him prior to Maryland's move to the Big Ten, and even on into his time at UConn.

After an extremely specific, lengthy opening statement, the media in attendance were actually greeted with 30 seconds of silence, both a tip of the hat to Edsall for his conciseness and a nod to the lack of familiarity with one of the newest members of the Big Ten.

"I was in St Thomas, enjoying the heck out of St Thomas," Edsall joked about not watching ACC Media Days. "Change is inevitable in life. What you do is embrace change."

"We're concentrating on what we have to. It's great to be here in Chicago and see everybody here and be part of this. It's really a lot of fun."

Edsall also spoke to the nature of how competitive recruiting is. And some of those will come with wins.

"The biggest part of recruiting is getting the guys you're looking for and you have to be a staff that is good at developing those players. There's no player that comes into the program as a finished product," Edsall said.

"I know I have a great coaching staff at being able to bring in young men who are able to develop them better into people thought they'd be and better than maybe they thought they could be," he added.

"It's not only getting the kids there, it's getting them developed and making them better."

Maryland will need to be at the peak of their developmental powers as they enter into a tough new challenge going from the middle of the pack in the ACC to a tough Big Ten East division.