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Big Ten Media Days 2014: Iowa's Kirk Ferentz still himself

Kirk Ferentz gonna Kirk Ferentz.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

After he lead off with a joke about how he used to bat ninth in Little League and now found himself five spots later, the Big Ten's final coach that spoke on Monday, Iowa's Kirk Ferentz, was his usual self and spoke to many of the same things we've grown accustomed to with his program year in-year out.

Ferentz joked that coaches always say they're excited at media days but did add that he loves his team. He also said that fans should keep an eye on the wide receivers and linebackers.

Iowa's head man spoke highly to running back Mark Weisman's physical style. "He's a tough, physical runner. There's no question about that.," Ferentz said. Former OL/TE Marshal Yanda also was name checked to grade the kind of player and worker Brandon Scherff, one of 10 on the Big Ten's 2014 preseason players to watch list, brings to the Hawkeyes.

Ferentz was also asked about facing Illinois again for the first time since 2008. "The good news is we'll not only play this year, but start playing annually," giving the trademark Kirk Ferentz tone and delivery to his somewhat disinterested answer.

Besides a few other specific personnel related injuries and transactional news, Ferentz's questions were, sort as has become a trend, a bit on the light side. Though Ferentz is by all accounts a good guy, his personality and Iowa's status in the middle sometimes leave the national (or large contingency of Ohio State and Michigan) media looking towards the hall ways for other breakouts.

Just six minutes into the 15 minute session, Ferentz departed, wishing the crowd the best and thanking them for the time.

See you next year, coach.