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Tracy Sprinkle avoids felony, gets probation

Tracy Sprinkle avoids a felony and will end up with probation after a bar brawl earlier this month.

It's been a long month for Tracy Sprinkle. The defensive end found himself dismissed from the team on July 6 after reports emerged stating that Sprinkle after a bar fight that occurred in Northeast Ohio. Sprinkle was charged with cocaine possession, rioting/failure to disperse, amongst other charers. On Thursday, Sprinkle plead no contest to attempted failure to comply with police orders for the Lorain bar brawl and has had his drug charges dropped while in court.

Now, the football program and head coach Urban Meyer would be able to reevaluate his status, but it remains unclear at this time if he'd be welcomed back or not. Considering the depth the Buckeyes have at defensive line, the consequences of Sprinkle's actions might prove to be too much to come back to a unit that doesn't necessarily need the depth. Despite that, there's a chance Urban Meyer will change his mind and allow Sprinkle to return for a second chance.

Ending up with probation is not nearly as dim than the alternative for Sprinkle. Now he'll have to wait and see whether or not Ohio State will allow him to return to the team.