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Podcast: Michigan State football breakdown with The Only Colors

We take a closer look at one of the biggest threats to Ohio State's goal of a Big Ten title with The Only Colors.

Jeff Gross

The road to a Big Ten East title probably runs through Michigan State this year, so it is important for Buckeye fans to become a little more familiar with one of the toughest teams on their schedule. In this Hangout in the Holy Land, we catch up with Pete Rossman from The Only Colors to get all the dirt on Spartan football and Spartan recruiting. Is this Michigan State run sustainable? Can the Spartans shock the Oregon Ducks? Is Michigan now a Spartan state? We get the answers.

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Topics covered in this episode include:

  • With Michigan State being the more successful program over the last few years, are fans in Michigan turning their allegiance to Sparty over UM?
  • Who are some of the skill position players that could make a step up this season, and does this offense have any chance of being more explosive?
  • What is the state of MSU's offensive line? Do they have the depth they need?
  • Michigan State has been better than almost anybody over the last few years of achieving more than their recruiting rankings would suggest. Why is that, and is it something they can keep winning with long-term?
  • Can Michigan State beat Oregon next year, and if so, what would that game look like?
  • Who wins, Michigan State or Ohio State?
  • Also, an update on the Ohio State Twitter follow directory plus other big stories on LGHL.

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