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Tracy Sprinkle pleads not guilty, posts bond

The latest on the saga surrounding Ohio State's Tracy Sprinkle.

David Grant

Over the weekend, Ohio State DL Tracy Sprinkle was charged with a litany of offenses, including cocaine possession, after a bar brawl at the "Grown and Sexy Lounge" in Lorain, OH. Per 11W's Kyle Rowland, Sprinkle appeared in court Monday and posted a $2,000 bond. He plead not guilty and proceeds forward towards a pre-trial hearing July 31.

According to, Lorain Prosecutor Berry Motsch asked for a $5,000 bond before Sprinkle was ultimately granted the $2,000 one. Sprinkle's attorney had requested the lower one, on the grounds that Sprinkle was a full-time student at Ohio State who aspired to take a full class load this coming fall.

Sprinkle is currently suspended from the Ohio State football team, pending the aftermath of the legal process. Meyer has previously stressed the importance of walking away from trouble, and the released police report seems to indicate that Sprinkle had the opportunity to do so, but did not.

We will have more details as they are released.