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Tracy Sprinkle dismissed by Ohio State

The Buckeyes' embattled backup defensive lineman has been cut loose by the football program after a multi-charge arrest which included drug possession and fighting.


According to an Ohio State football spokesman, Buckeye redshirt freshman defensive lineman Tracy Sprinkle is no longer part of the football team. After Sprinkle's legal issues are resolved, his status will be reevaluated as has been customary in previous like situations.

This doesn't change a ton given that Sprinkle was already in a bit of a state of flux after having been suspended indefinitely in the wake of his arrest. Sprinkle was charged with cocaine possession, rioting/failure to disperse, amongst other charges, and plead not guilty as well as bonded out this morning in court. He's expected to have a pretrial hearing at the end of the month.

In terms of the Buckeyes' roster math, OSU is now one below the NCAA punishment mandated ceiling of 82 scholarships. Assuming Sprinkle is not invited to rejoin the program after the resolution of his legal troubles, the Buckeyes will have an extra scholarship to use in the class of 2015.