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Printable Ohio State football schedule 2014

Get a downloadable/printable 2014 Ohio State football schedule to make your TTUN coworkers hate you even more.

We're getting awfully, awfully close. After 7 months and 5 days (that's 217 days or 31 weeks), we're but 19 some odd days away from college football being back in its rightful place in our lives.

College football's offseason feels longer and longer every year, and with last year's season ending the way it did, that first kickoff to clear the palette can't really come soon enough.

With the Ohio State football team in the heart of two-a-days this week, we want to help you feel one day closer to the action, too.

For the second straight year, by popular demand, we're bringing you a cool, printable Ohio State football schedule. And unlike last year, you won't have to wait two weeks to get a color version; it's here right out of the gates.
While you've probably been suckered into a fall wedding or two, it's never a bad idea to plan your subsequent weekends around the most interesting and compelling Ohio State games out there.

And let's be real, if you aren't printing off 20 of these bad boys out and taping them around a Michigan alum/fan coworker's cubicle, you aren't really doing your due diligence as a Buckeye.

Click on the color or black and white versions below and then simply hit File->Print to win forever (or, alternatively, File->Save to your desktop and print from the PDF reader of your choosing).

Go Bucks.

Ohio State 2014 printable schedule

And here's a black and white one:

Ohio State 2014 black and white