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Podcast: Ohio State fall camp, LGHL roundtable and Big Ten preview with Ian Cuevas

After weeks of bringing in other people to talk about their teams, we bring in one of our own to discuss Ohio State and the big college football issues of the day

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On the Hangout in the Holy Land, we've been talking a lot about other Big Ten programs, but maybe it's time to spend a little time chatting about Ohio State's roster. In our latest edition of the LGHL podcast, we catch up with one of our own, Ian Cuevas, to kick off the LGHL staff roundtable prediction series, discuss how we think the B1G East and West will break down, OSU's position groups, and some of the biggest college football storylines of the day.

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Topics discussed on this podcast include:

  • Whether Ian needs to resign his membership in the Anthony Bennett Fan Club now that he's getting traded to Minnesota
  • How the Big Ten East and West divisions may shape up this year
  • Which Ohio State WR is going to make the proverbial jump this season, and who will lead the team in yards
  • Which teams, other than Michigan State, are potential losses on this schedule
  • How afraid should Ohio State be of Cincinnati, and are they the best non Power 5 team this year?
  • Which teams in the Top 10 are most likely to disappoint?
  • And much more!
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