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Frank Epitropoulos leaves the Ohio State football team

One of the members of Urban Meyer's inaugural recruiting class has decided to leave the football team to focus on academics.

Ohio State athletics

A year removed from a lack of certainty about what even what position his future would hold (admittedly somewhat tongue in cheek given the situation at punter and his high school punting past), Ohio State wide receiver Frank Epitropoulos has decided to put school first.

As first surfaced by the Columbus Dispatch's Tim May, the redshirt sophomore Epitropoulos has decided to leave the team to focus on his pre-med academic load. An Ohio State spokesperson confirmed the departure to May. In an Ohio State press release on Epitropoulos' departure, he added the following:

"I love being an Ohio State Buckeye, but I am also competing to get into medical school, and that is very important to me and to my family. I am already in my third year at Ohio State and the process to begin applying to medical schools is not far off. After consulting with my family, I have therefore decided to end my athletic career so I can focus solely on academics."

Though the Buckeye legacy only saw the field sparingly (mostly in mop up duty or in games against lower FBS/FCS type opposition), he had a long road ahead of him if he wanted to crack the depth chart. By moving on, he'll be able to focus on the next stage of his life without the rigorous commitment of being a student athlete.

We wish Epitropoulos the absolute best moving forward.