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Watch Ohio State football, basketball do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The latest football practice video provided by Ohio State athletics is an all-access look at their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Coach Meyer, wife Shelley and members of football are doused with water and ice and Ohio State shows the drenching from every angle.

Meyer's daughter, Nicki, provided the first glimpse of the football team's challenge with an Instagram video.

We now have video of Coach Meyer and members of the football family doing the famed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The question on your mind: who did Meyer and co. nominate to be up next? None other than the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and Buckeye legend Chris Spielman.

Dontre Wilson wasn't in on the former, but he took his medicine too, certainly:

But who'd he challenge? Tyvis Powell, who got into the act separate as well from the Meyers, Jeff Heuerman and others present at the one above:

Michael Thomas and Jalin Marshall, you're on deck.

But OSU basketball was not one to be outdone. Thad Matta and the basketball brain trust took their freezing baths as well, challenging the Wexner Medical Center and Buckeyes everywhere in the process:

Whether you've watched one or watched all of them, this latest viral sensation's impact is undeniable. The challenges have raised over $9 million dollars to fund ALS research to date, and that very literally means we all win.

If you want to see some of the best celebrity ice bucket challenges out there, we've got you more than covered.