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Podcast: Breaking down 2014 Michigan football with Maize n Brew

it's time to get smart about that school up north. We ask all the big questions to Josh Henschke at Maize n Brew

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You probably have lots of Michigan football questions. Fortunately, we have some answers, or at least, Joshua Henschke at SB Nation's Maize n Brew does, and he was so kind as to give them to me while I recorded them, so I can share them all with you. What's going on with Michigan's QB situation? How was their line so terrible with so many four star athletes? Does anybody like Dave Brandon? We get all of that answered and more.

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Topics covered on this podcast include:

  • Is there any chance of a QB controversy with Devin Gardner and Shane Morris, and if there isn't, should there be?
  • Is Derek Green really not running with the 1s at RB, and is that a motivational tactic, or is he actually not going to be a first stringer?
  • How on earth was this offensive line so bad with so many talented players, and how is going to get better next season?
  • What sort of schematic changes are Michigan fans expecting with this offense?
  • Who on defense, besides Jake Ryan, are Michigan fans most excited about?
  • Why are Michigan fans getting cranky with Dave Brandon?
  • What do Michigan fans think of those alternative uniforms?
  • Is Brady Hoke on the hot seat, and if so, what does he need to do to keep his job?
  • Paintball!

Thanks for listening.