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Why is this news?: Kirk Herbstreit bullish on Ohio State, Gene Smith won't be getting wet

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.


There are many Buckeye fans, and even a few media outlets, that will tell you Kirk Herbstreit is a turncoat, a charlatan, and worst of all, a "fake-a** Buckeye." I’m but a humble writer, unqualified to decipher the veracity of these statements, but I can tell you that those "Herbie hates Ohio State" truthers were dealt a blow today when the object of their scorn put his full confidence behind the Buckeyes.

The former Ohio State quarterback turned media personality was on ESPN this afternoon to discuss the 2014 season. His biggest prediction: A Heisman for Braxton Miller and a national title for the Buckeyes. Talk about a bold prediction. This is an Ohio State news site, and I would guess only a small percentage of those reading this very article would go that far. I certainly wouldn’t. But, then again, who am I to argue with Kirk Herbstreit?

Unless, of course, he says something that I don’t like.

August has been the month of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The viral fundraiser in which people must either dump a bucket of ice water over their head or donate money to ALS charities has swept the country. Everyone from Chris Pratt to Urban Meyer to Lebron James has dumped ice cold water over their head in the name of charity.

It seems like everyone who is anyone is dousing themselves for the cause. Well, everyone except for one notable Buckeye administrator, that is. Gene Smith put out a video today announcing that he would NOT be getting wet. Instead the Ohio State athletic director has opted to donate directly to the ALS Association. Smith also challenged all of his fellow athletic directors to do the same.

It’s a great look for Gene, and a great reminder that the challenge is about more than making funny videos. Should you have the means to help, I challenge you to head over to the ALS Association website and donate.

"Could this be Brady Hoke's last stand as coach of the Wolverines?"

-Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports

Continuing what has turned into national be-nice-to-the-Buckeyes day, Pat Forde released his list of the 25 most intriguing games of the 2014 college football season, and Ohio State made the list three times.

The November 8 showdown with Michigan State, which many expect to be a de-facto Big Ten championship game, checks in at number 8. The week two showdown with Virginia Tech is Number 20. Five spots above that at 15 is Ohio State’s regular-season-ending clash with Brady Hoke’s Michigan Wolverines.

Not a bad showing at all for the Buckeyes. Is it kickoff yet?

Breathe easy Buckeye fans, According to his father, Ezekiel Elliott cast is gone and he’s ready to get back to business. Elliott, who is expected to be the Buckeyes’ starting running back, suffered a minor fracture to his wrist that required surgery. Still, he ended up being out less than two weeks.