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Ohio State football practice: Urban Meyer discusses team post-Braxton Miller

Urban Meyer addresses the Ohio State media for the first time after Braxton Miller's season ending injury.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

After canceling scheduled media availability in the aftermath of the injury news to Braxton Miller, Urban Meyer and selected Ohio State football players made themselves available to questions to discuss the team in a post Braxton Miller world.

Meyer starts by saying today was a great day at practice.

That's probably a good thing, given the potential for yesterday's tragic news to completely suck all of the energy out of the team. Braxton seems to be taking the news decently as well.

Well, that's probably to be expected.

In other "glass is half-full" news, Meyer talked about how Barrett is better prepared for this sort of situation.

300 competitive snaps, huh? That's probably what Guiton got when he had to play, right?

The actual number thrown about was six snaps for Kenny G, so Urban wasn't exaggerating.

This wasn't the last time that Guiton was mentioned while talking about Barrett.

Meyer also got pretty explicit in the comparison.

That whole Kenny Guiton thing worked out pretty well last time, didn't it?

As for the return of Braxton to Ohio State...

A lot can change between now and the end of the season, so I wouldn't tattoo BRAXTON 2015 anywhere important.

Also, is Urban married to only playing J.T Barrett? Apparently not!

Did Meyer think Ohio State would be in this position this year?

Even so, it's nice to remember that this isn't the first time a Meyer-coached team was stuck in this predicament. And that worked out pretty well.

And here, Meyer confirms the specific injury, in case you missed it before:

In non Braxton Miller news, an update with an o-line battle:

And at cornerback: