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Why is this news?: Ohio State projected to face Georgia in Peach Bowl, Faux Pelini interviewed

All of the big Ohio State news in one place.

SB Nation is projecting the Buckeyes to face off against Todd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs
SB Nation is projecting the Buckeyes to face off against Todd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs
Joe Robbins

"Peach Bowl: Georgia-Ohio State"

- Jason Kirk, SB Nation

The SB Nation crew has come up with a list of their predicted bowl game lineup, including the College Football Playoff. The top four teams include Florida State, Alabama, Oregon, and Oklahoma. The Seminoles are the number one seed and would play Oklahoma in Pasadena, while the the Crimson Tide would face off against Oregon in New Orleans.

As for the rest of the six bowl games on New Year's Day, the Cotton bowl would feature Baylor and East Carolina, the Fiesta bowl would host UCLA and Michigan State, the Orange bowl would have Virginia Tech taking on South Carolina, and the Peach bowl would pit Georgia against Ohio State.

With the recent loss of Braxton Miller for the season, I'm curious if the staff accounted for the injured Heisman trophy candidate for the Buckeyes. If not, do they drop them down? August 30th can't come soon enough, as I'm sure everyone is anxious to see how JT Barrett will perform with the spotlight shining on him.

- Faux Pelini being interviewed by ESPN

This sort of interview has been a long time coming. The popular, hilarious, Twitter handle @FauxPelini has been a long time college football fan favorite among recommended follows, and if you haven't had the pleasure of doing so yet, I'd strongly suggest doing so.

The man running the account has chosen to stay anonymous, but did an interview with ESPN as you can see above. He gets asked plenty of questions that are on the minds of fans, and answers them in the same fashion you would expect from Faux Pelini.

"Herbie Awards 2014: Welcome To The Party"

- Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN

The 14th annual Herbie Awards are underway, and as per usual, Herbstreit and the ESPN staff have provided a list of players under each category for fans to vote on. Only one Ohio State player was featured under all of the categories. Jalin Marshall represents the Buckeyes for the "Welcome To The Party" category.

I can only assume that the category itself is sort of a nod to those that are fairly new to a program but are ready to join the starters and contribute a good amount on the field. Marshall is a decent choice for Ohio State, considering the amount of hype he had coming in as a freshman a short time ago, but had been battling various injuries up to this point.

Along with Marshall, the choices in the poll are LSU running back Leonard Fournette and Texas A&M wide receiver Speedy Noil. That's some stiff competition for Marshall, and as it stands now, Fournette has the popular vote.

"Ohio State isn't suddenly going to turn into a 6-6 pumpkin. There is still a ton of talent on this team."

- Brian Bennett,

With Braxton Miller's injury and his announcing of being out for the upcoming football season, there have been plenty of takes around the country that Ohio State, and the Big Ten, have little chance now to make the first College Football Playoff. Brian Bennett isn't quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Bennett makes a couple of solid points, including that it's extremely early to count anyone in or out of the playoff.

"To pretend any of us has any idea what will happen in an upcoming college football season is to ignore history. How many pundits picked Auburn to make the BCS title game last year? I'm guessing most people would have sold their stock on Michigan State's season after the Spartans' lost at Notre Dame on Sept. 21. They turned out all right."

Obviously, the Spartans still are contenders, but face a big test when they take on Oregon early in the year. The point is, there's no reason Ohio State still can't be very successful with another quarterback taking snaps. Yes, Braxton Miller is a very important member of the team, but it still is a team that has incredible talent at just about every position. It's okay to stay excited about this season.