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Urban Meyer Navy week Big Ten teleconference: Event + response = Outcome

Questions about personnel and changes dominated Meyer's first teleconference of the year.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer kicked off his first appearance on the weekly Big Ten coaches teleconference.

When asked about what Meyer had learned about Barrett, Meyer replied: "I saw things before because Braxton didn't get many reps in spring practice; we all thought he would develop, he went to a great high school program, incredible family. All of his positives are coming out right now. I saw it before the injury but I'm really seeing it now."

Meyer has constantly talked about the importance of leadership development within his team, even providing explicit leadership trainings. That leadership will be put to the test early, as the team navigates around the adversity of losing their star quarterback. "We're going to have a meeting tonight about controlling your response to events. This is a difficult event that we have to deal with, but they've handled it well."

On an update on the status of Braxton Miller post surgery, Meyer added that "Braxton and I talked this morning before the surgery, he sent me a picture, all reports are positive, no surprises. Everything went well, he'll be out tomorrow morning."

Fans looking for an official depth chart for Ohio State will have to wait a little longer, as when Meyer was asked about it, he said "We just got off the practice field, we'll release a depth chart soon"

Many coaches were asked about the improvements they saw thanks to their ability to spend a little more time with their players over the summer, thanks to relaxed NCAA rules. Meyer agreed that that time was useful, but also said one of the best things they did over the summer was to give kids some space. "We wanted to give them two weeks away from us, for the mental well being of the players and the coaches. That was one of the best things we can do. Go spend time with your families, act like a normal person."

Did Meyer's message to the offensive line, already inexperienced, change at all with the injury? "We had a little bit of a talk about that on the field today, and we're all going to have to work a little bit harder. Miller made a lot of bad plays right with his athleticism; they've responded very well. They're a very good group of players, very good group of people."

Did Meyer ever imagine that so many of your young players needing to be relied on all at once? Youth will abound all over the roster, especially on offense. "We didn't really run the spread offense for two years since we didn't have spread people, but you adapt with what you got. Became more of a pro style team. That's just part of transition. Now you have Marshall, Wilson, those kinds of players who can get out in space, that's what we'll do. If you need something, go out and recruit it."

Meyer also pointed out that the team expects a lot more from speedster Dontre Wilson, even right out of the gate. "Yes. What's the best way to say it? A one dimensional player, 170 pounds soaking wet. Now he's 190 and strong, so we expect a ton out of him, he's had a very good camp."