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Watch Jon Waters defend his name on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America

The former Ohio State Marching Band director made the morning show rounds on Tuesday.

Ohio State Marching Band

Former Ohio State marching band director Jon Waters took to the New York City morning show circuit in order to begin a bit of a public PR campaign to give his side of the events that culminated in his termination.

On The TODAY Show this morning, Waters said he was a victim of an "inaccurate report" and a "rush to judgement". He said he still loves Ohio State and would "love the opportunity to improve the culture". During a pre-recorded interview with Good Morning America, Waters stuck to the narrative that the band being painted as "some type of 'Animal House' fraternity is just not accurate." Most interestingly in both, Waters declined to state whether he will pursue legal action.

Waters was let go last month after a two month Ohio State investigation reported "serious cultural issues and environment conducive to sexual harrassment" in the wake of incidents of sexual assault and harassment. Waters states that he "was aware and took great steps to eliminate them", even going as far as to say "we have eliminated all of those things".

Here's Waters on The TODAY Show:

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And here's his appearance on Good Morning America: