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Ohio State football players check in for Fall Camp 2014

More proof that football is coming, as players check in this morning

Friday Night Lights? Check. The first batch of fall camp reports? Check. Preview magazines on the kitchen counter? Check. Calendar flipped to August? Check.

All the signs are pointing to football being just right around the corner, and now we have another, as Ohio State football players move into their hotel for Fall Camp. To help you prepare for football, here are some pictures of big dudes carrying duffle bags and rolling suitcases!

Here is Curtis Grant, chatting with a few reporters at the move-in.


Also, this would make a lot of Buckeye fans very happy:

This might help him get there.

Or this:

Also, In case you couldn't see it, Grant was rocking an Obama shirt.

And Grant's roommate?

Speaking of the secondary:

One of the contenders for the starting center position:

And more linemen:

Somebody needs to step up their suitcase game:

Didn't sound like he came to play interviews though:

The absolute best shirt of the day though, is clearly this one:

Also, don't look for Buckeye players to do much joyriding at camp:

And on the injury front:

Freshman quarterback Stephen Collier turns the tables on things:

Finally, this five-star could be HUGE