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Ohio State vs. Bahamas All-Stars 2014: How to follow

The Ohio State basketball team is playing against an all-star squad in the Bahamas. Here's all the information you need.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We may still be a few weeks away from some live football action, but Ohio State fans can follow the Ohio State basketball team play an actual game today. The basketball Bucks are in the Bahamas to take on a few local teams, and bond together as a squad. As a fan, this is your first chance to see what newcomers like Anthony Lee and D'Angelo Russell look like on the court.

Ohio State's first game in the Bahamas is tonight, at 7 p.m. ET, against The Bahamas All-Stars. This match was previously scheduled for 9 p.m., but was moved up due to a previous game getting canceled. Ohio State will also play tomorrow, Aug. 8, at 7 p.m., against the Providence Storm.

Because these games aren't being played in the friendly confines of the US, the Buckeyes will be playing with 10-minute quarters, instead of the 20-minute halves in the NCAA.

In order to watch, click here for a live stream of the game a live box score. (UPDATE: Sorry, folks. Technical difficulties apparently killed FIBA's live stream.)

Per NCAA rules, squads can take an international trip once every four years. The Buckeyes last went on a trip in 2009, to Canada. Matta scheduled the trip for this season to help acclimate the team's new players. Other major college teams participating in the trip include Ole Miss and Pittsburgh, although Ohio State will not be playing them.

Here were the players who played for the Bahamas All-Stars against Pitt:

Bahamas All-Stars (* = starter v. Pitt)

# Player

1 Daniel Bullard*
2 Abel Joseph*
3 David Taylor*
4 Devon Ferguson
5 Marako Lundy
6 Kevin Wright*
7 Kevin Hinsey
8 Jackson Jacob
9 Jamaal Rose
13 Ian Pinder*

And here's the first Buckeye starting five of 2014-15: