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Ohio State vs. Kent State 2014: GameThread

Ohio State looks to bounce back in the worst of ways as the Buckeyes take on in-state Kent State.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Kent State looks to become the first MAC team to down the Ohio State since 1894, while the Buckeyes look to get their 2014 Big Ten title aspirations back on track by regaining some momentum against the in-state Golden Flashes.

For Urban Meyer and company, their team looks to rediscover their mojo after closing flat against Virginia Tech a week prior. The offensive line will need to be more than a week better (and in a hurry) after looking hapless at the end of last week's tough 21-35 loss to the Hokies.

While the stakes for Kent State are considerably lower, former Ohio State assistant Paul Haynes would love to get some real recruiting momentum by just hanging tight with the Buckeyes. The unthinkable, becoming the first Ohio school to beat OSU since Oberlin's 7-6 win in 1921, would go even farther.

Below is your Ohio State-Kent State GameThread. There aren't many rules, but be good to each other, and we should be more than good. If you love you some GIFs, fire up the GIF Oracle by commenting "@oracle GIF me".


(0-2)Kent State Golden Flashes
(#22, 1-1)Ohio State Buckeyes
12:00 p.m. ETSEPTEMBER 13, 2014 (ABC/ESPN2)Preview Advanced Stats