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Ohio State-Virginia Tech 2014 depth chart: Vonn Bell starting, no OR for Michael Bennett

Ohio State has released the latest version of the depth chart of as the Buckeyes prepare to host Virginia Tech.

The Buckeyes released their depth chart for the game against Virginia Tech.
The Buckeyes released their depth chart for the game against Virginia Tech.
Michael Shroyer

Ohio State has released their depth chart for the week two clash set for Saturday night against Virginia Tech. After the win over Navy, there were some slight changes at some of the positions, but most has stayed the same.



J.T. Barrett (6'1, 225, Fr.)

Cardale Jones (6'5, 250, So.)

No changes here. Barrett got the job done on Saturday and although he had a few freshman mistakes, he played calm and collected throughout the game, coming up big at the right times.


Ezekiel Elliott (6'0, 225, So.) -OR-

Rod Smith (6'3, 231, Sr.) -OR-

Curtis Samuel (5'11,196, Fr.)

No changes here. Elliott had two touchdowns against the Midshipmen, but appeared to be a step slow (chalk it up to him not being fully healed from his wrist injury?). Smith and Samuel are listed as OR with Elliott. We saw a lot more of Samuel than we did Smith, so it wouldn't surprise me to see that again.


Devin Smith (6'1, 199, Sr.)

Michael Thomas (6'3, 203, So.)

Jeff Greene (6'5, 220, Jr.)

Same as last week's depth chart. The wide receivers in general were pretty solid. Smith added an 80-yard touchdown reception while Michael Thomas was solid and had a touchdown as well. We didn't see any sign of Jeff Greene, however.


Evan Spencer (6'2, 208, Sr.)

Corey Smith (6'0, 190, Jr.)

Johnnie Dixon (5'11, 198, Fr.)

No change at the 'Z', which isn't all that surprising. This group was much quieter through the air last Saturday, though Evan Spencer had a few moments. The real shocker was that Johnnie Dixon didn't see the field at all, something that coach Meyer said during his press conference will change.


Dontre Wilson (5'10, 188, So.) -OR-

Jalin Marshall (5'11, 205, Fr.)

Noah Brown (6'1, 240, Fr.)

This group was very solid last Saturday as Wilson and Marshall were interchangeable at the H-Back spot. Both had a couple of carries and were very effective on the ground. The passing game will include more of these two in the future as well, I'd imagine.


Jeff Heuerman (6'5, 255, Sr.)

Nick Vannett (6'6, 260, Jr.)

No changes here. Heuerman looked all right despite not being fully recovered from his foot injury. Vannett has proven he's a more than capable backup to Heuerman if anything were to flare up, and it's not uncommon for both to share at least some of the playing time.


Taylor Decker (6'7, 315, Jr.)

Antonio Underwood (6'2, 303, Jr.)


Pat Elflein (6'3, 300, So.)

Joel Hale (6'4, 310, Sr.)


Jacoby Boren (6'1, 285, Jr.)

Chad Lindsay (6'2, 302, Sr.)


Billy Price (6'4, 312, Fr.)

Kyle Dodson (6'6, 310, So.)

Marcelys Jones (6'4, 325, Fr.)


Darryl Baldwin (6'6, 307, Sr.)

Chase Farris (6'4, 300, Jr.)

The offensive line struggled mightily in the first half of the Navy game and it didn't go unnoticed. They turned things around in the second half, but this unit will have to improve for the Buckeyes to be successful. Barrett got sacked a couple of times because of poor pass-blocking and the coaching staff will want to eliminate that if possible. The biggest change was moving Pat Elflein and Joel Hale over to left guard and Billy Price to right guard, along with listing Kyle Dodson and Marcelys Jones backing him up. It appears Jacoby Boren also locked up the center spot, no longer listed as OR with Chad Lindsay.



Joey Bosa (6'5, 278, So.)

Tyquan Lewis (6'3, 260, Fr.)


Adolphus Washington (6'4, 295, Jr.)

Donovan Munger (6'4, 300, Fr.)


Michael Bennett (6'2, 288, Sr.)

Tommy Schutt (6'2, 295, Jr.)

Michael Hill (6'2, 305, Fr.)


Steve Miller (6'3, 255, Sr.)

Rashad Frazier (6'4, 272, Sr.)

No surprises on the defensive line. Steve Miller will still fill in for the suspended Noah Spence (who can reclaim his spot in week three) while Michael Bennett was able to drop the OR with Tommy Schutt from last week. The defensive line played a gigantic role in the win over Navy, wreaking havoc when at all possible.


Darron Lee (6'2, 228, Fr.)

Chris Worley (6'2, 222, Fr.)

Craig Fada (6'0, 233, Jr.)

Darron Lee has pretty much locked down the strong-side linebacker spot. A tremendous performance against Navy for the former high school quarterback and safety has all but assured Lee's spot for the year. He's looked like an athletic specimen on the field as well, proving Marotti's strength and conditioning has really payed off.


Curtis Grant (6'3, 238, Sr.)

Raekwon McMillan (6'2, 240, Fr.)

Cam Williams (6'1, 228, Jr.)

Curtis Grant finally showed Ohio State fans and coaches what we all wanted to see from the former five-star linebacker. Grant played a pretty solid game, earning praise from coach Meyer in his press conference. The one surprising note was true freshman Raekwon McMillan not getting any looks. Coach Meyer added that McMillan was another (along with the aforementioned Johnnie Dixon) player that needed to see the field more.


Joshua Perry (6'4, 252, Jr.)

Dante Booker (6'2, 233, Fr.)

No change. Perry was a bit lackluster and the coaching staff will need him to improve in the coming weeks.


Eli Apple (6'1, 198, Fr.) -OR-

Gareon Conley (6'0, 190, Fr.)


Doran Grant (5'11, 193, Sr.)

Armani Reeves (5'10, 198, Jr.)

No change.


Armani Reeves (5'10, 198, Jr.)


Tyvis Powell (6'3, 208, So.)

Ron Tanner (6'0, 205, Jr.)

Erick Smith (6'0, 198, Fr.)


Vonn Bell (5'11, 200, So.)

Cam Burrows (6'0, 210, So.)

No change at strong safety, but it looks like Vonn Bell will get the starting nod over Cam Burrows at free safety, with no OR being listed.

Special Teams


Sean Nuernberger (6'1, 230, Fr.)

Kyle Clinton (6'1, 218, Sr.)

No change after a strong opening performance from Nuernberger.


Cameron Johnston (6'0, 195, So.)

Sean Neurnberger (6'1, 230, Fr.)

No change.


Cameron Johnson (6'0, 195, So.)

Luke Morgan (6'2, 225, So.)


Bryce Haynes (6'4, 220, Jr.)


Dontre Wilson (5'10, 188, So.)

Jalin Marshall (5'11, 205, Fr.)

No change.


Dontre Wilson (5'10, 188, So.)

Jalin Marshall (5'11, 205, Fr.)

No change.