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Podcast: Breaking down Ohio State vs. UC with the Cincinnati Enquirer

Hangout in the Holy Land makes its return with expert opinion and analysis on the Cincinnati Bearcats.

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Don't call it a comeback, but the "Hangout in the Holy Land" makes its triumphant return. And what better way to bring back the podcast than by talking about the game that I've mentioned for weeks scares the hell out of me, the Cincinnati Bearcats?

We're joined by Tom Groeschen of the Cincinnati Enquirer, who breaks down Cincinnati's first two games, the AAC, and how they match up with Ohio State. After Tom leaves, I also talk for a little bit about the situation at Michigan, and where they might go from here should they make a change.

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Topics discussed on this show include:

  • Did the closeness of the Miami (OH) game expose anything about Cincinnati, or was it just one of those things?
  • What makes Gunner Kiel special compared to other successful QBs from Cincinnati?
  • How could this game change the recruiting battles in Southeast Ohio, and the perception of both Ohio schools in the state?
  • Does Cincinnati need more balance from a rather anemic run game, or can they win zipping the ball around the air all day?
  • How does Cincinnati stack up in a potentially better-than-expected AAC?
  • Does it matter that Tommy Tuberville is undefeated against Urban Meyer?
  • What in the hell is going on at Michigan?
As always, thanks for listening. We'll do a live call-in show like we did for Kent State and Virginia Tech after the Cincinnati game. Go ahed and program the number in your phone. If you want to join the Hangout, dial 215-383-3986.