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Why is this news?: Ohio State hockey media day, Cincinnati pumped for chance to upset Buckeyes

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Jeff Luc (48) looks at the game on Saturday as a state championship.
Jeff Luc (48) looks at the game on Saturday as a state championship.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

"The nice thing is, knock on wood, hopefully we don't have to deal with six goalies this year. I feel pretty comfortable with our goaltenders. I think that will be our strength, and I think like Tom said, our biggest thing is going to be who's going to score goals."

- Ohio State hockey head coach Steve Rohlick via Media day

Ohio State hockey head coach Steve Rohlick gave his thoughts on the team and more at the Big Ten Hockey Media Days, including what he expects to be looking forward to this season. Rohlick mentions a couple of times that he's looking to build upon last season.

Rohlick continued: "I think we're going to have some decent depth. It's going to have to be a team effort every night for us to compete in this league and to win games. It's always tough to win no matter you're at home or on the road. We're really looking forward to it. It's going to be a challenge, but we're excited."

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer gave an interview Tuesday night about coaching, Ohio State, and dealing with depression at Florida, among other things. Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel also released the video above as a web extra. The video discusses various topics surrounding discipline under coach Meyer both while at Florida and Ohio State.

One of the topics discussed in the short extra was Aaron Hernandez, a former tight end for coach Meyer at Florida who most recently was charged with murder. Both Shelley Meyer and Urban both said they were shocked when they heard the news. Shelley even mentions that Hernandez was extremely polite to her and her children, citing that Hernandez played with the kids while over at their house. Coach Meyer also talked about how they would try not to let Hernandez go home to Connecticut often, because things would get messy whenever he did.

"You hear alumni saying we could go 0-11 as long as we beat Ohio State," said Luc, the Florida State transfer who racked up 18 tackles versus Miami. "I'm like, 'You're by yourself on that one.' But that's what the alumni want to see. They're the biggest school in Ohio, so who wouldn't want to beat them? It's like the state championship."

- Cincinnati linebacker Jeff Luc, via ESPN

There's no doubt going to be some inspired play by the Bearcats on Saturday. Cincinnati comes into the game with a chip on their shoulder and shouldn't be a team the Buckeyes take lightly. With plenty of the team's roster being from the state of Ohio, there's sure to be those players that feel snubbed by not being offered by Ohio State during their recruiting days.

As Cincinnati linebacker Jeff Luc mentions, this is more than a typical "Ohio State vs. in-state foe" type of game, as the Bearcats have earned a bit more praise than that. As Luc says, this is a good opportunity to upset the biggest in-state team (albeit a few years late, when the Bearcats went to the Sugar Bowl).

"In terms of the success he's having this year, there's no success. That's nothing. That's not even scratching the surface. He's catching a few balls and running away from a few people and making a few plays. He's getting confidence to where it's going to become routine in a minute."

- Keyshawn Johnson, uncle of Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas, via David Briggs, Toledo Blade

Many sports fans are aware of Keyshawn Johnson and his mindset (and book title) of Just Give Me The Damn Ball, which doesn't quite translate into his nephew, Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas. But it's getting there. Thomas leads the Buckeyes in catches (11), receiving yards (214), and TD receptions (four). After last season, where Thomas tweeted about the Ohio State wide receiving corps after the loss to Clemson (which were deleted soon after), things might not have worked out in Columbus.

This season, however, has been Thomas' coming out party. Keyshawn Johnson has played a large role in that, helping his nephew with advice on how to deal with the adversity, and ironically, let his play do the talking:

"In time, as he continues to build a resume, his personality will come out," Johnson said with a laugh. "He's a quiet trash-talker. He'll tweet it out, and he's going to do some of that trash that he shouldn't be doing. I've had to tell him about that too. Tone that down. Leave that alone. You don't need to be tweeting. Let these other idiots in the world do that. You just keep catching touchdowns."