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Cincinnati professor says he'll fail students who wear Ohio State shirts to class

Ohio State-Cincinnati is getting real.

While the complexities of what is and isn't a rivalry are nuanced, there's no questioning that tensions are rising as in-state Ohio State and Cincinnati prepare to meet in the Horseshoe this Saturday evening underneath the lights.

Even with the Buckeyes double digit favorites, Cincinnati haven't had understandable reasons for confidence against the Buckeyes quite like this year in sometime, and this might mark UC coach Tommy Tuberville's best chance to get a marquee win he can use to sell his program.

Enter Cincinnati professor Steve Fuller.

Taking the forthcoming showdown to new heights, Fuller didn't exactly mince words when it came to what he thought about the number of fans who root for both schools currently enrolled in his class and prone to showing off their scarlet and gray:

Fuller later deleted the tweet, but proved he had a sense of humor about the whole thing:

Game on, professor.

He even went as far as to hand pick out the shirt he'll rock next Tuesday if the Buckeyes do what Vegas expects them to:

Here's a better look at the shirt:

As the day went on, Professor Fuller even admitted he may have prejudged Ohio State fans a tiny bit:

Good on your sir. Now may the best team win.

(H/T SI's Extra Mustard)