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This Ohio State intro level psychology course is hip-hop as hell

This TA's GEC psychology class is suffice it to say far cooler than the one I took with former OSU wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez.

A series of viral images making the rounds from an Ohio State Psychology course (presumably Psych 1100, which is a GEC frequented by students of many different disciplines, is TA taught, and tends to lend to some creative approaches to instructing) are about the most intro-level course things ever.

Appearing to have originated from OSU undergrad student @AyeeItsStephayy, the images showcase a number of the most prominent names in rap and hip-hop today and make some otherwise dry neurological midterm type questions more interesting in every conceivable way.

But let's dive deeper into each of these to see if the grad student in question hit the nail on the head or if they leave more to be desired:

Lil B

Waka Flocka Flame is known for flaking on concert bookings at the last second only to crash the nearest bar, slam Patron, and put on an impromptu show for free there instead. Respect. The idea of him frolicking through the woods? Eh...

Lil B's powers are unquestionable given Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunders' inability to get over the hump of late, but his inattentional blindness (spoiler, the answer was B) towards all things not #Based is infinity percent right on. Thank you, Based God.

We'll give this TA a 1/2 for not reaching too terribly much on these first two. On to the next ones:

Migos, Riff Raff

The depth and attention to detail in the first Migos related question is an A+ effort undoubtedly, but unfortunately the correct multiple choice options we were looking for were:

A. Versace

B. Versace

C. Versace

D. Versace

Strong effort overall, though.

Re: question No. 26, our own Zach Fleer is a bit of a Riff Raff disciple (and understandably so; the man has a neon puppy, after all) and we strongly suspect he'd concur that pegging him as a sufferer of synesthesia is not inaccurate.

Though the answers were a bit off on the first one, it was still such an in-depth attempt and the second one was spot on, so we're grading on a curve and giving them 2/2, raising these slides to 3/4 overall.

On to the final two questions of this impromptu exam:

Rick Ross, et al

Rick Ross *is* the f***ing boss and the idea of the former correctional officer struggling with self image and confidence is completely within the realm of possibilities. Godspeed to the Teflon Don with his rebound effect of thought suppression.

And finally, Chief Keef is accurately quoted running off he and his crew's vices from his seminal "Hate Being Sober". Alas, while, his (obvious) love of the green and Fredo's possible alcoholism leave something to be desired from a societal standpoint, Tadoe faces demons not unlike Ohio State's Noah Spence. Godspeed to both of them in their quests for personal betterment and physical and mental health.

These final two seem pretty accurate as well, so despite our best efforts to be that professor who only gives out 1 A or B per semester, these overall ring pretty true.

Kudos to you, (ostensibly) Psych 1100 TA. Your knowledge of hip-hop is only surpassed by your thorough understanding of sensory-specific satiety and like psychological phenomenon.

(H/T: Kirk Barton)