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Jon Waters sues Ohio State for wrongful termination

After being fired after an investigation into overly sexualized band culture, Jon Waters is formally fighting back.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

After a whirlwind publicity tour, former Ohio State marching band director Jon Waters reportedly will file suit against Ohio State over his termination. The lawsuit was filed today and details were released in an afternoon news conference.

Waters may have assembled a very powerful legal team for himself. Jim Petro, former Ohio Attorney General, has joined the Waters legal team.

Ohio State let Waters go after an investigation into the "overly-sexualized" nature of the Ohio State marching band, an investigation that has come under fire from members of the band, alumni, and Waters himself. Waters has claimed that he is the person best suited to handle the changes in Ohio State's band culture, and that the report was a misrepresentation.

Land Grant Holy Land found that during his tenure at Ohio State, Waters generally had excellent performance reviews, with little evidence that band culture was a concern during his tenure, prior to the investigation.

The Lantern TV provided this list of specific charges Waters is filing his lawsuit under:

Waters is suing for not just reinstatement as Ohio State's band director, but for $1 million in compensatory damages, and for undetermined punitive damages. Specifically named in the suit is the university, university president Michael Drake, and university provost Joseph Steinmetz.