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Podcast: Ohio State vs Cincinnati postgame call-in show

You want points? You got ALL THE POINTS. Listen to our discussion of Ohio State's big win here.

Jamie Sabau

After a brief heart attack break halfway through the game, the Buckeyes rode a power rush game and offensive dominance to beat the plucky Cincinnati Bearcats. I know you guys want to talk about the game, so let's do that. Let's discuss the game together on our LIVE, call-in podcast.

The call in number for the show is 215-383-3986. If you leave a comment, or tweet @landgrant33 or @mattSBN, I'll get to those as well. You can also listen to the show below, and if you missed it after the show dropped, you can listen from iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, or just hit play.

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On this podcast, I know we're going to discuss the improved offensive line, the emergence of the Ohio State rush game, what in the hell was happening with the secondary, the tire fire that is Michigan, and whatever else is on your mind.

Thanks for listening. Go Bucks.