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Why is this news?: Did the refs burn UC during Ohio State win?, Buckeyes land top-5 recruit

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

"You've got to make your own breaks."

-Tommy Tuberville, via

Though the final score of Saturday’s clash between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Bearcats ended in a comfortable three-score Ohio State victory, the game was not without controversy. The big call that has the Bearcat faithful all riled up was an offensive pass interference call against wide receiver Johnny Holton. OSU’s Eli Apple appeared to have grabbed Holton’s jersey, but Holton was called for the penalty as he pushed Apple away. The third-quarter flag pushed the Bearcats into a first and 25 and they couldn’t convert.

The Buckeyes would score on their next drive, pushing the score to 43-28 and that would be the closest that the Bearcats would get for the rest of the game. Tuberville is kind-of-sort-of not blaming the referees, though.

"I can't complain about it," Tuberville said. "Two went against us that we'd have liked to have gone the other way, and maybe we had a shot. They didn't, and you can't complain about those. You've got to make your own breaks."

Bad calls can take teams out of games, so if the U.C. faithful wants to complain about them, I can understand why. What really takes teams out of games, though, is giving up 40-plus first downs and over 700 yards of offense.

The Ohio State wrestling team got some great news today in the form of a commitment from McDonough High School’s Myles Martin. Ranked #5 in Flowrestling’s pound-for-pound rankings, Martin has claimed Beast of the East, Fargo, and National Preps championships in the last year. He was the highest-ranked recruit left on the board. Martin projects to the 184-pound weight class at the college level.

"Everyone goes through it. You feel all alone. It doesn’t matter how much money you have when you get that rejection from football. Grieving that loss is not an easy pain"

-Donnie Nickey, Former Ohio State DB

If you can get past the hilariously stereotypical old-sportswriter lede, Rob Oller crafted a compelling update on the life of former Ohio State football player Donnie Nickey.

Nickey played defensive back for the Buckeyes from 1999-2002 and would go on to spend eight years with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. After retiring from the NFL, Nickey fell into addiction. The meat of the story relates to Nickey’s recovery. Oller writes:

Two events triggered Nickey’s decision to combat addictions that intensified without the structure of football to keep them in check. First, his wife, Katie, a friend and a former Titans teammate confronted him in March — an intervention that lovingly insisted his boozing and pill popping had to stop.

The teammate, ironically, was Rob Bironas, a former Titans kicker who died in a single-car accident near Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 20, reportedly after engaging in multiple road-rage incidents, according to statements from witnesses.

It was Bironas’s death that made Nickey decide to open up about his own addiction. What he reveals about the NFL culture and his struggles is very revealing. Click the link up top to check out the whole story.

"G is for GIGANTIC"

-Maryland Gameday Guide

Headed to Maryland for the game this weekend? Think you might get hungry? Well then, sir or ma’am, do I have a story to for you. At this game, they’re selling a food thing called "Chessie."

According to the release:

The ‘Chessie,’ named after the Loch Ness Monster’s less famous Chesapeake Bay cousin, is a monster-sized 24-ounce hot soft pretzel smothered in back fin crab dip and melted cheddar cheese, then topped with a dusting of Old Bay for two to four hungry fans.

Crab pretzels are amazing, so It’s my suggestion that you buy and that you don’t share.