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Podcast: Ohio State-Navy recap, plus a preview of OSU-Virginia Tech

After a week off, the Hangout in the Holy Land returns with a vengeance.

Michael Shroyer

I missed you last week, podcast listeners. But now that my baby has been born, I'm back in the office, and ready to give you the dulcet tones of my baritone voice, providing the #takes you need.

Today, I chat with our very own Ian, to break down what surprised us from last week, a closer look at the Ohio State-Navy game, the Virginia Tech game, and more.

If you subscribe to the show on iTunes, you may already have the show on your device of choice, so you should probably do that. If you want to join that group, go here to subscribe to HITHL via iTunes, or check out our previous episodes here. Or, you could just listen below. That works, too.

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Topics covered on this podcast include:

  • The latest on Evan Lisle's injury
  • What the biggest surprises were in college football over Week 1
  • What we liked and didn't like from the Ohio State/Navy game
  • How good Navy may be this season
  • What degree of panic is appropriate leading into Virginia Tech
  • Who is the early season Heisman frontrunner
  • Does the AP Poll still matter?
As always, you can email the show at Matt dot Brown at We will also be doing a live call in show immediately after the Virginia Tech game. Thanks for listening.