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College football rankings: Ohio State 18 in Coaches Poll, 22 in AP Top 25

The Buckeyes fall 11 spots in the latest Coaches Poll Top 25 and 14 in the most recent AP Top 25.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Though Ohio State fans are dealing with the harsh reality of having to recalibrate their expectations after a deflating 35-21 loss at the hands of Virginia Tech left them searching for answers, college football's show goes on.

On Sunday morning, the Amway Coaches Poll and AP Top 25 revealed their Week 3 rankings and the Buckeyes see the precipitous drop in each you probably expected. The Buckeyes' season is by no means lost or behind them, but they now have a lot of ground to make up if they want to realistically be in the conversation regarding the top teams around the country. Perhaps most ridiculously, in the Coaches', the Buckeyes are ranked at 18 while the Hokies find themselves at 19.

One of the worst regular season Big Ten days in recent memories is reflected in this week's polls as well. Though saying the Big Ten has no shot at one of the sport's four playoff spots after two weeks of games is small sample size fallacy at its finest, they certainly will need to do some serious reputation restoration if they want to garner an earnest chance at a representative.

Here's the complete Coaches Poll and AP Top 25s along with Jeff Sagarin's latest power rankings for good measure:

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (38) Florida State (51) Oregon
2 Oregon (16) Alabama (1) Georgia
3 Alabama (1) Oklahoma (3) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oregon (6) Texas A&M
5 Auburn Auburn Auburn
6 Georgia (1) Georgia (1) LSU
7 Texas A&M (2) Baylor Florida
8 Baylor Texas A&M Alabama
9 USC LSU Notre Dame
11 Notre Dame Notre Dame Michigan State
12 UCLA UCLA Ohio State
13 Michigan State Michigan State USC
14 Ole Miss Arizona State Wisconsin
15 Stanford Ole Miss Virginia Tech
16 Arizona State Stanford BYU
17 Virginia Tech Wisconsin Florida State
18 Wisconsin Ohio State Ole Miss
19 Kansas State Virginia Tech Arizona
20 Missouri Kansas State Baylor
21 Louisville Nebraska TCU
22 Ohio State Missouri UCF
23 Clemson South Carolina Stanford
24 South Carolina Clemson Kansas State
25 BYU North Carolina Louisville