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Ohio State vs. Oregon, College Football Championship game odds and line: Easy Call from Pecan Lodge

Media day's about to start, but that's honestly pretty boring. Do you really care about hearing your team asked the same derivative questions you've heard the answers to for six months?

Can you believe Ohio State's overcome adversity? What's it like for Marcus Mariota to make President Obama and their home state of Hawaii proud? Something something Darren Carrington marijuana?

Instead, your best bet is to skip TV and Twitter and fire up "Easy Call". SB Nation/The Solid Verbal's Dan Rubenstein takes you to Pecan Lodge, one of the best BBQ joints in the best BBQ state in our great country.

He tries something called the "trough", which includes brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage, fried chicken and beef rib, all on the same delicious metal serving apparatus. Plus Dan picks Ohio State-Oregon and breaks down each team's advantages and disadvantages.

You could watch a bunch of folks wonder around and ask questions you already know the answer to -- or, you can fire up "Easy Call" and cap the college football season right. Choose wisely.