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Watch Urban Meyer and Mark Helfrich's press conference at the College Football Playoff Championship Game

In their final media availability before Monday night's first ever College Football Playoff Championship Game in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the home of the Dallas Cowboys, Mark Helfrich and Urban Meyer spoke to the gathered press at 9:30 a.m. ET. in a joint press conference.

Though both coaches answered plenty of questions at yesterday's media day, this was a bit more toned down engagement. Helfrich arguably put it best: "We're ready to go. Enough talking and questions and answers and flashbulbs. Our guys are excited and ready to compete."

Urban Meyer stuck to much of his same talking points of the last few days as well. On Cardale Jones, Meyer said "He has the keys to the car. The way he handles his business ... it's extraordinary the change in approach that he's made." Meyer went on to add that he wants schools to look back and study the Cardale Jones "case study", because it's just that remarkable of a turn around.

Finally, for good measure, Meyer reiterated once again that he and the staff expect Braxton Miller back next season. You can watch the entire press conference, courtesy of our friends at Campus Insiders above. You may need to skip ahead 20-30 minutes or so to see where the presser actually begins.