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Watch Cie Grant sing Carmen Ohio again to get ready for the College Football Playoff Championship Game

Via Ohio State's Facebook page, the university brain trust has made all of our pre-College Football Playoff Championship Game wait that much easier by syncing up with former OSU linebacker Cie Grant to make magic happen.

Grant famously sung Carmen Ohio is a snowy, cold Ohio Stadium following the Buckeyes historic win over Miami at the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. It was about the best post-championship celebratory moment you could ever bear witness to.

Every time it comes on, be it on a game day mix on our iPhones, on a scarlet and gray-centric power hour playlist, don't lie: it gets a bit dusty wherever you are. And while you can watch the Ohio State video team's killer hype video over and over and over again, now you can mix the sweet with the poignant and truly win the pregame.

Go Bucks.