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Ohio State hiring Tim Beck, former Nebraska OC, after Championship Game, per report

The former Nebraska OC could be in line to replace Tom Herman.

Corn Nation

According to ESPN's Joe Schad, Ohio State's quest to fill the void left by the departing Tom Herman may be coming to a conclusion.

After unsuccessfully being a candidate for the Kansas head coaching vacancy, former Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck will reportedly join the Ohio State staff as his next coaching stop.

It's unclear what role specifically Beck will fill, but it'd be a safe wager to assume that Buckeyes line coach/co-offensive coordinator Ed Warinner will be promoted to play caller with Beck serving as quarterback coach/co-offensive coordinator. Schad later followed up on his initial report clarifying as much. Beck and Warinner had worked together prior in 2007 with the Jayhawks.

Beck, a Youngstown native, was promoted by now Youngstown State head coach Bo Pelini in 2011 to be the offensive coordinator/playcaller for the Huskers. He also had quarterback mentoring responsibilities in his Cornhuskers tenure.

The Huskers offense was usually effective enough (they averaged 28 in his four seasons as playcaller in F/+), but without playcalling responsibilities, Beck's greatest impact for the Buckeyes would come in terms of quarterback development and game planning.

While there's sure to be some instinctive reaction to criticize the hire on the grounds that Nebraska's quarterbacks weren't exactly world beaters, the kind of talent he'll be working with at Ohio State will likely be night and day. Beck enters a situation with arguably the most loaded quarterbacks meeting room in all of college football.