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Ohio State vs. Oregon, College Football Championship game odds and line: Our picks

With the championship game mere hours away we take a look at some of its most interesting prop bets.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

So we're getting close. It's now hours instead of days until Ohio State's first crack at the national title in seven years. You, much like  me, are probably looking for as many distractions as possible to make the next few hours bearable. Well, I've got an idea. How about risking significant amounts of your money betting on obscure props? Why just pace back and forth during the game worried about the outcome when you could also be worrying about explaining to your spouse that you gambled away the vacation fund?

To help set you on your way I picked seven of my favorite prop bets (lines from Bovoda). As always, my picks are guaranteed to maybe be right.

Will there be a score in the first 5:00 of the game?

Yes (-120) 
No (-110)

Pick: Yes

The odds aren't necessarily great here, but still it's near even money for a bet that I fully expect to hit. The Buckeyes have started out fast all season long and Oregon has done the same. At the pace that these two teams play, even if the first possession isn't great, there's a good chance they'll get two in before 5:00 is up.

Team to score the longest touchdown in the game

Ohio State (+135) 
Oregon (-165)

Pick: Ohio State

Oregon has 17 more plays of 20-plus yards than Ohio State, but Ohio State has 7 more plays of 40-plus yards than Oregon. With Ezekiel Elliott busting off long runs and Cardale Jones heaving bombs to Devin Smith with regularity the last two games, I'm feeling pretty good about the Buckeyes here.

Total TD Passes & Interceptions - Cardale Jones (Ohio State)

Over 2.5 (+140) 
Under 2.5 (-180)

Pick: Over

This is easy money here. Especially in what is expected to be a high-scoring game. Cardale Jones is a safe bet to chuck at least one passing touchdown and more than likely he'll connect on two or three. Throw in the token interception and you hit the over easily. I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if this bet was one in the first half.

Total Rushing Yards - Cardale Jones (Ohio State)

Over 49.5 (-120) 
Under 49.5 (-120)

Pick: Over

Especially early as he adjusts to Oregon's zone defense, a different look than what he saw against Wisconsin and Alabama, I expect Cardale Jones to tuck the ball and run when nothing is there. Being that he's built like a bulldozer,  if he can get past the Oregon front seven, Jones should be able to inflict some serious discomfort on the Oregon defensive backs on his way to a big gain or two. All it takes is one 20 or 30 yard run and a handful of five-yarders and you're cashing out.

Will there be more points scored in the

1st Half (-120) 
2nd Half & OT (-110)

Pick: Second Half

Two teams that play at a fast pace will probably lead to two pretty tired defenses come the second half. That's the pick here, and it's not that tough of a call.

Longest successful field goal in the game

Over 37.5 yards (-115) 
Under 37.5 yards (-115)

Pick: Over

Are we convinced that either coach will attempt a field goal if they're 27.5 yards or closer to the end zone?

Will either team score 3 unanswered times in the game?

Yes (-325) 
No (+250)

Pick: Yes

Here's your chance to get rich off of me. I'm not expecting a ton of defense to be played in this game, so I don't necessarily one team stopping the other three times in a row, especially while scoring on offense following each stop. The halftime break makes me a little bit anxious, but not nearly enough to pass up these odds.