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Mark May still doesn't think Ohio State belongs in the championship game

Mark May, noted Ohio State troll, evidently has never gotten over watching his beloved alma matter, the Pitt Panthers, fall to the Buckeyes, 72-0, in 1996.

Still, you have to think, at some point, you're resigned to give credit where credit's due. Ohio State's number one in F/+, have beaten the number one team (in a game in which they didn't even play that great) in SEC country, and dismantled a good Wisconsin team, 59-0, on a neutral field. May even spoke positively of the Buckeyes in the aftermath of both of those contests and one would almost have to be led to believe Ohio State is at minimum the second best team in the country.

Think again. From ESPN's all day coverage in the ramp up to tonight's inaugural College Football Playoff Championship Game, May was making a point about the advantages of being the hot team. Noted Ohio State fan (and Buckeye State native) Jay Crawford took exception to the direction May's point was going, and well, you just have to see it to believe it:

Jay Crawford answers May's smug look pretty much perfectly: "Really?!"