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The best Ohio State national championship newspaper front pages

All the best newspaper covers celebrating Ohio State's eighth national championship.

So that really happened. It wasn't just some kind of beautiful, surreal dream.

The Ohio State Buckeyes really did effectively dominate Oregon after giving up a quick strike early touchdown and if not for four self inflicted wounds, could've won a game they won by three scores by even more.

So while you're sipping your coffee in sunglasses and Advil and wondering why being an adult with a job is so hard, we took the liberty of putting together a number of the best history marking newspaper covers from around the state and beyond.

We start with the home town standard bearers. Job well done, Columbus Dispatch:

While by no means a state-wide or national paper of record or anything like that, it does have a certain significance to all of us fortunate enough to have degrees from Ohio State. If you're a student or near enough campus to pickup a Lantern today, you should definitely do that:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer absolutely brought it with a number of commemorative covers/inserts (including a personal favorite with every front page from every win this season). Thanks to our friends there for providing their tremendous work. Go buy one (or five) today if you can:

What about any other good ones from around the state? There were a few gems. The Akron Beacon Journal:

The Sandusky Register:

The Courier (from Findlay):

And finally, the Cincinnati Enquirer:

What about the big national papers? Anything good? The Los Angeles Times' was pretty good:

And while Oregon has been through enough, since we did it for Alabama, we'll share, but only one this time:

Man, that's gut-wrenching. We feel genuinely bad for Marcus Mariota, who's clearly a really good kid. And if any fan base can empathize what Oregon fans are going through right now it's ours.

So which cover was your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below. Go Bucks.

(All front pages courtesy of Newseum)