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Philly Brown goes ham on Twitter after Ohio State's win over Oregon

Oh, Philly.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

For those unacquainted, former Ohio State wide receiver Philly Brown is a bit of a noted trash talker. He definitely comes with a bite, but it's all good natured fun at the heart of it all.

A few years ago he infamously lit up a bunch of teammates with hilarious, biting comments on their facial features, but now in an NFL locker room, defending the honor of his Buckeyes and going at the alma matters of his teammates have become his favorite past times.

Philly called his own shot Tuesday early afternoon, saying he was going to light up his teammates and friends. He then proceeded to go full blown hold-no-barred on Jonathan Stewart and Ed Dickson, two alums of ... you guessed it, Oregon:

Even Oregon State alums found themselves in his crosshairs:

Oh no, not Memphis!

Admittedly his Georgia smack could use some work:

Aaaand there it is:

No mercy for Alabama, naturally:

And that's all folks:

... or is it?