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Podcast: What Cardale's return means for Ohio State, plus old computer games

King Cardale is coming back to Ohio State. We chat about what that means for the Buckeyes, why Maryland fans are impossible, and "The Amazon Trail".

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It's been a hell of a week, so excuse us if we're a teensy bit more scatterbrained than usual. Our intrepid podcast hosts (Matt, Luke and Chuck) huddled up to discuss the huge announcement of Cardale Jones returning to Ohio State, and after hitting every major angle of the decision, went off the rails a teensy little bit. But hey, it's Friday, and that's probably good for you, the listener.

We discuss whether Cardale is making the right choice, what the immediate impact is for Ohio State's hotly anticipated QB derby, and, health pending, who we actually prefer as Ohio State's quarterback leading into next season. We also discuss LGHL's growing beef with Minnesota Football, why Maryland fans are terrifying, and why old computer games are the best ways to predict the outcomes of college football games. It's worth a listen.

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Thanks for listening. Go Bucks.