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Why Shelley Meyer is the First Lady of Ohio State football

Shelley Meyer is more than just Urban Meyer's wife; Shelley has her own relationship with fans and creates an added sense of community that the football program didn't even know it was missing

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Shelley Meyer's husband had just won the national championship, and they cut to a shot of her giving running back and offensive MVP Ezekiel Elliott a giant hug. After the Sugar Bowl, Shelley was shown helping Coach Meyer into his "Won not done" shirt, and she's been seen singing Carmen Ohio next to Urban Meyer in almost every game she attends. Shelley, whether it's on twitter, the TV, or elsewhere, has been a visible part of the program.

When a new coach is hired at an institution, their family of course makes the move, but they don't always get involved in their husband's or father's business. Lucky for Buckeye Nation, Shelley Meyer likes to do things her own way. She interacts with fans at the grocery store and on social media, she even teaches a regular spinning class in Dublin; she has a great sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously, which is why she is so approachable for fans. Having a wife so involved in the community only makes fans like Coach Meyer that much more.

Over the past few seasons, we've learned that there are only two ways to guarantee an Urban Meyer smile: 1) Win a football game, 2) Put him next to his wife. It's easy to see how much love Urban and Shelley have for each other, and they relish in the many victories together.

It takes a strong woman to support and help a man with so many responsibilities; she is tasked with creating a home environment that lets the head coach of national champions both relax and focus on what lies ahead. After Urban's health scare following his tenure in Florida, she was an integral piece of him returning to the gridiron. The Meyers are a team and work together to build young men into skilled athletes; in turn, they both get love and respect from the Ohio State community.

The family doesn't just focus on football; as soon as they moved back to Columbus, the Meyers made a commitment to the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center and their mission by establishing the 'Urban and Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research'. Like so many families, they both have been affected by various types of cancers, and are hoping the $2 million goal of the fund, combined with their personal $250k donation will help establish a stronger network of cancer researchers and clinicians.

Shelley gives fans an inside look at Urban Meyer the man, not just the coach:

Ohio State is beyond lucky to have Urban Meyer at the helm of their football program. They're just as lucky to have Shelley right there too...and If you aren't following @spinnershells right now, you should be.