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Ohio State-Alabama postgame podcast: DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!

Alabama's comeback fell just short. We took calls to talk about it. Check out what you missed.

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Okay, it doesn't look like I've been fired, or divorced. And despite Ohio State's best efforts to give the game away, the Buckeyes hung on upset top ranked Alabama, winning the Sugar Bowl 42-35, to advance to the championship game.

It's been a few days since we had our last podcast, with the holidays and the deluge of bowl games, but we're back, and ready to talk about Ohio State's heartbreak against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

What went right? What went wrong? Can they win it all? What about the bowls today? Matt and Chuck break everything down, and also take your calls. You can tweet us at @Landgrant33, or @MattSBN, or leave us a comment here.

If you miss us while we're live, you can listen to this week's episode below or check us out on iTunes. You can also subscribe via RSS on Android and Windows Phone devices. If you're listening on iTunes, writing us a nice review would certainly help other people find the show.

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Thanks for listening. Go Bucks